Glasstic Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle REVIEW!

This bottle is a must have when you have a toddler. Anything that is shatter proof is awesome. The bottle itself is two separate pieces. The inside container  is glass and the outside protective "bottle" is plastic.  Having the plastic surrounding the glass bottle is what makes it shatter proof. I have dropped this bottle outside a number of times and my dear sweet toddler has thrown it a few times on my tile floors and it has yet to break.  It comes with these neat stickers (that I have since added) to make it "your own". The contents seem to stay cold for a little bit longer than your average plastic bottle. It has a locking lid that puts my mind as ease. I haven't had anything spill out since I've owned it. Overall I love this bottle. It's my new go to water bottle. Especially when I'm using my essential oils.

* I received this bottle in exchange for my 100% honest opinion * 

Here's what the company says about their product:

The Glasstic Glass Water Bottle is perfect for all of your favorite beverages for these key reasons:

Shatterproof: Designed with a glass insert on the inside of a durable plastic outer casing that helps protect from breakage while providing containment and shatter proofing even if the glass does break.  Free replacements available, Competitors don’t provide this safety or reusability!Safe & Pure: contains a 16oz pure glass insert on the inside where your liquids are and a BPA/BPS free plastic outer shell around the glass to provide durability and containment.  No risk of bad chemicals leaching into your water or beverage.Clean: Product can be easily disassembled and cleaned manually or in the top rack of a dishwasher. Free Bottle Brush is available!

Unique: Double layered protection with a space between the glass and plastic which provides for total condensation protection and some additional insulation for your beverage.  Won’t make a mess on your wood table!Easy to Use: Leak-proof flip cap lid to “drink on the go” and a safety lock to prevent accidental opening & leakage.

Portable: The easy to carry handle & protective casing makes it perfect for...
Gyms & Yoga Studios
Pools & Waterparks
Back Yard
Beaches & Lakes
The Golf Course & Other Sporting Events

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