I'm a lover of all things eco friendly including the things my daughter uses. This bowl set is great. It's 100% eco friendly. It's also nice and sturdy. With toddlers you have to have something that can withstand being dropped or thrown. This bowl is just that. I love the suction cup feature. You just stick it on the bottom of the bowl and then the bowl to a surface. With toddlers you're always in a hurry trying to get food into their tiny  tummies before they get upset. With the suction cup you can pretty much put it on any part of the bottom of the bowl. It's doesn't need to be 100% in the center 100% of the time. Even if it's off center or something it will still stick to your bowl and to the surface you are trying to stick it on. This may not seem important but when you're in a hurry the last thing you want to have to do is flip a bowl upside down and try to get the suction cup on 100% in the middle of the bottom of the bowl.

* I received this bowl i exchange for my 100% honest opinion * 

Here's what the company has to say about their product

Most of the time feeding a child is a messy job BUT NO WORRIES you will not see flying bowl and food all over the places because now you have everything you need to feed your child and STRONG STAY-PUT SUCTION will prevent to happen all this and mealtime becomes very smooth and faster.Let your Child equipped with this unique 100% organic complete dinner set which gives your child great opportunity to start learning how to eat and helps a lot to develop their self-feeding skills. You definitely obsessed with the quality of the dinner set and suction and within some days you will notice that your child love to eat himself with great manners.• This Sturdy, Compact and lightweight dinner set is able to withstand hot and cold temperature from -20F to 250F. It will last for several years with normal usage and care.
• This dinner set comes in an elegant packaging and looks nice to present as a PERFECT GIFT ITEM.
• When you purchase from us today, you will receive a set containing one 5.5 inch bowl with lid, stay put suction, spoon and fork
• The dinner set is Compact, lightweight, dishwasher safe and, FDA-Approved and BPA-Free

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