This is a must have set for any "crunchy" or "semi crunchy" mommy. The set is made from natural rice husk not some chemically produced stuff. All of the pieces in this set are very sturdy and can withstand everyday toddler throwings and knocking things on the floor. We have hard wood floors and each piece in this set has been dropped on it many times and none of them have broken yet. My daughter who is 23 months old can easily grip both of the spoons and the fork. The cup is also good for tiny hands to grip. The suction cup bowl sticks very well unless of course your child is a "peeler" (meaning they can peel the suction cups off of surfaces). Overall this is an awesome set.

* I received this product in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product :

Most of the time feeding a child is a messy job BUT NO WORRIES you will not see flying bowl and food all over the places because now you have everything you need to feed your child and STRONG STAY-PUT SUCTION will prevent to happen all this and mealtime becomes very smooth and faster.Let your Child equipped with this unique 100% organic complete dinner set which gives your child great opportunity to start learning how to eat and helps a lot to develop their self-feeding skills. You definitely obsessed with the quality of the dinner set and suction and within some days you will notice that your child love to eat himself with great manners.• This Sturdy, Compact and lightweight dinner set is able to withstand hot and cold temperature from -20F to 250F. It will last for several years with normal usage and care.
• This dinner set comes in an elegant packaging and looks nice to present as a PERFECT GIFT ITEM.
• When you purchase from us today, you will receive a set containing one 9 inch dinning plate, 5.5 inch bowls, soup spoon, cup, stay put suction, spoon and fork
• The dinner set is Compact, lightweight, dishwasher safe and, FDA-Approved and BPA-Free

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