Hello? Narnia?

I'm in kind of an odd place.  I've met a few nice ladies here but for whatever reason they just aren't my "Narnia".  I'm not fully used to women like these. Not to say they aren't simply lovely but just not what I'm used to. I'm used to all my female friends (moms and child free) having something in their lives besides kids or pets that they treat as children. My BFF is uber successful in school and work. I so admire and look up to that. Many of the women here are true stay at home moms which is awesome. As funny as it sounds I had never met a true stay at home mom before moving here. Like I said all my mom friends had some sort of job or side hustle if they were a SAHM and I knew a crap ton of work at home moms. It;s taken some getting used to. I'm used to having conversations about politics, taxes, current events , work AND kids. Not just kids 24/7. I asked a new mom friend about the election and what were her feelings on some of the upcoming items on the ballot. Her eyes glazed over and she said "my husband takes care of that stuff." I was shocked to say the least. I called an old friend and asked her the same question. We ended up having an hour long conversation about the issues and our feelings. It was refreshing. I think all parents need times and friends who they can talk to about anything not just all things kid related. Granted I talk about my off spring a lot but I can have conversations that have nothing to do with kids. I think when women have kids their lives get consumed (rightfully so) but I think many lose themselves in motherhood. What happens when the kids go to school or worse leave for college and to start their own lives. Who are the moms then? 

Don't get me wrong and don't break out the pitch forks I am 100000000000000% for stay at home moms. I think it's great if the only thing you have to focus on is your family. 

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