Shrimp , Veggies and Rice

I love shrimp!!! I do a lot of cooking with shrimp now days. KC is allergic to chicken ...hell she's allergic to all things with feathers. Since she still nurses I still cannot eat things she is allergic to. This is my quick and easy go to shrimp with veggies meal. 

1/2 of uncooked shrimp
1 bag of mixed frozen veggies of your choice
Mrs Dash to taste
Jasmine Rice (I use the pre made stuff in the cup)
Olive oil 
Lemon juice


"Marinade" shrimp in lemon juice, olive oil and Mrs Dash until they start to turn pink. The drain and dry the shrimp. Not drying them adds water to the pan equaling a more boiled taste to your shrimp. 
Place olive oil in skillet along with veggies seasoned with Mrs Dash. Cook veggies for a 2 - 3 minutes then toss in shrimp with a bit of butter. Cook until shrimp is fully cooked and vegetables are done to your desired texture. Follow the directions on the rice cups ( Jasmine rice from scratch  ). 

I put a tiny bit of butter and lemon juice in the plate or bowl first then put the steaming hot rice over it. Please shrimp and veggies on top and serve. Super simple and ultra tasty. ENJOY! 

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