Nuna Sena

I’m really excited to be able to write about the Nuna Sena Mini play yard. We travel a lot so when my daughter got too big for her Fisher Price Rock-N-Sleep I started researching and looking for something that was easy to travel with. I was looking for a bed/play yard that was easy to fold, not too heavy , had it’s own bag and was compact. Enter the Nuna Sena Mini.
I chose the Sena mini for a number of reasons. When we travel we normally do so with my mother. She is a “woman of a certain age” so I wanted something that would be easy for her to use as well as myself. The Sena is light weight compared to other play yards. We stay in standard 2 bed hotel rooms so space is often limited. The Sena mini is a great bit smaller than your average play yard. It fits perfectly between the two beds in a double bed hotel room. Now lets move to my favorite part the one handed setup and fold. It opens with one hand and closes with one hand. You push down on the middle to open it and pull up on the strap in the middle to close it. It comes with it’s own bag as well. Think …one of those beach chairs with the bag. The bag reminds me of that. My mom has a midsize car so space can be limited when we’re traveling with two adults , a baby and all the things a baby needs. This fits right behind the seat standing up on the floor in her car. It doesn’t take up much room at all. Overall this is my favorite play yard for travel and for home. My daughter is small for her size so we’ve been able to use it longer than most I’m sure. There is now a changer attachment for the Sena. I’m going to look into getting one. I just want to make sure my daughter isn’t too heavy for it already. If you’re looking for a neat easy to use play yard check out the Nuna Sena Mini (or full size. It folds and sets up the same way).

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