Breast milk soap


Kennady has “severe” eczema so I have to be very selective with what I put on her skin. I was reading online and found that you can actually make soap using your own breast milk. Kennady’s eczema always sooths itself when I cover her in breast milk. So why not put it in soap? I went to the craft store and got clear glycerin soap cubes, a soap mold and spatulas. I took half of the glycerin packet (1 pound) and melted it in a sauce pan. I did a low slow melt. When the soap base was melted I added the breast milk. I let that slow boil for about 5 minutes until everything was well combined. I poured the mixture directly into the molds and let “dry” for 72 hours. If you add less milk the molds setup faster from my understanding but I wanted as much breast milk in there as possible without messing up the base.  I’ve been using it on her for the last 8 months and it’s been great. I just whipped up a new batch. Even her doctor was impressed. #ParentingWin

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