YAY She got to be semi normal

My baby girl got to have PIZZA for the first time last night and she loved it. I found a company Daiya who makes really great vegan cheeses. well now they have come out with a line of pizzas. The pizzas are allergy friendly. Actually all of their current items are allergy friendly. http://us.daiyafoods.com/our-products 

The pizzas are on a gluten free crust, have vegan cheese, nut free, soy free and egg free. These are all things my daughter has to stay away from. So I jumped on this pizza quick fast and in a hurry. I do Baby Led Weaning (is it even called that if your kid is over a year old? lol) but I’m less strict with it. I will cut up Kennady’s food when I feel it might be a bit too large for her or might be a choking hazard.

I cooked the pizza as the box directed. Now here’s a crazy fact about me. I can cook just about anything from scratch but foods from a box tend to mess me up lol. After the pizza was cooked I  let it cool a bit and cut it up into smaller tiny mouth bite sized pieces. Kennady LOVED it. I haven’t seen her eat anything that fast in days. Well anything but her favorite Daiya “cheddar cheese”. She eats that stuff daily.

The pizzas are a bit on the pricier side at $9.99 each BUT as thrifty mom of an allergy ridden toddler I feel these are worth EVER dime.


11150250_10155508072410157_5801319071967811927_n IMG_5362


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