THIS is not a nursing station!!!

 My BFF and I took Kennady to the San Diego Safari Park (More about that in the next post). On our way out I had to stop and go to the restroom. I saw a sign that said “nursing station inside” so of course I HAD to go in and check it out. I’m all for anything that makes mother’s more comfy when feeding their children. When I walked in I was sad and disappointed to say the least. It was a wooden rocking chair next to a TOILET! Yes a toilet. Now I don’t know about you but I don’t eat my lunch next to a public toilet.

I understand the sentiment and I’m thankful they tried to give mothers a private place to feed but next to a gross toilet it not ok. I know some will say hey at least they tried and yes that is true but most mothers want a semi sanitary place to feed their babies IF the establishment has made the choice to provide a space. I walked into the bathroom and it smelled *gasp* like a bathroom. Not like a place I’d like to sit for 30 minutes or more and feed my baby. Things like this are why I nurse in public. I’d rather discreetly nurse out in the open than to sit next to a smelly toilet in a public bathroom.
I still say Nordstrom's has one of the best feeding rooms around. It is in the bathroom area but it’s a totally separate room. NO TOILET! Take note other businesses. Toilets and feeding your baby just do NOT mix.


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