I love Mornings

I love waking up to the calls of my almost 15 month old. Her little voice calling me is so adorable. I go and get her out of her bed and we sit and watch BabyTv together and play. She’s getting so big so fast. I value these moments. They may not seem like a big deal to many but they mean the world to me. I truly value them. You never know what could happen tomorrow.
My cousin had a stroke last year. She has to be fully cared for now. She can’t care for the daughter that her life used to revolve around. I’m taking a cue from her. I live my life around my tiny human. My cousin’s daughter remembers everything her mother did for and with her before she got sick. I think that’s an amazing gift. I plan on making as many memories with and for Kennady  so if anything happens to me she will know that her mama loved her. A child knowing their mother loves them is the greatest gift of all.


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