Dear lady in front of me at Walmart

Living out in the boonies sometimes one doesn't want to make the hour drive to Target (though I am going to start) which really only leaves Wally World. From my understanding Walmart price matches which sounds good in theory, right? Dear Lady in front of me: I understand that in this economy you're trying to save money. I'm right there with ya sister BUT if you are going to attempt to price match at Walmart or any store for that matter PLEASE read the rules of price matching for each store BEFORE schlepping through the door in your yoga pants , Nikes and EDC t-shirt. But hey that would be too easy right? Instead you make the choice to go and collect your already cheap shit , make your way to the check out stand and mutter the words "I forgot my ad paper" to the cashier. This of course makes the poor cashier twitch because they know what's coming. The all important and slightly entertaining Walmartian fight. The cashier tries to explain in words you will understand that he/she can't just "take your word for it" about the ad price. You now start to get loud and ask for the manager. Enter the overly tired and annoyed manager stage left. The manager also explains she can't just take your word for it either. I mean come on you could say the price was anything. Yes the ad said these $40 boxes of diapers are a dollar. Take my word for it. Uh Huh yeah sure lady. After the manager explains store policy to you yet again , you get even louder and more belligerent. By this point the line of people behind you is starting to wrap around the jewelry counter. Do you care? Nope! and of course Walmart only has ONE open check stand at a time. WHY do they bother to even have 24 of them when they never actually open all 24? But that's a rant for a later day. FINALLY you in a huffy say you no longer want the items. WAIT WHAT!??! You mean you didn't NEED the 18 candy bars , pink plates and flip flop shoes that you bitched for 20 minutes about while the rest of us waited? Gee allow me to apply my shocked face. To end my letter I beg of you ....we ALL beg of you... come prepared to the store. Have your ad and know the rules before getting in line in front of us and having us waste our time listening to you babble about products you don't actually need.

 Thanks Inza

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