Fried Tofu

I'm always looking for different things to feed Kennady. With all the allergies she has it can be really hard to find things that are wheat free, nut free and dairy free among other things.  It was suggested that I try tofu. I love tofu but had never given it to Kennady. I asked some of my vegan friends for kid friendly tofu ideas and all of them said friend tofu sticks or "Tofu Fries". Sounds good to me. I drained the tofu by putting it on a paper towel on a plate, putting a paper towel over it and sitting a skilled filled with canned goods on top of it. I let it sit for 30 minutes. I sliced it into pieces , dipped the slices into  gluten free flour (some people use corn starch) seasoned with a little bit of salt and pan fried them. I made them bigger slices and not "fry size" because I thought it would be easier for Kennady to pick up. I was right! These were a big hit. I made extra and froze them. To reheat them all you do is pop them in the oven and poof tofu sticks!


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