10-Piece Reusable Grocery Bag System REVIEW

I love this bag system. I do a huge bulk of my shopping at Whole Foods due to them having more allergy friendly options. I always like to bring my own bags but I either forget or don't have enough. They end up all over the trunk and in many cases are just a hassle. This bag system takes the hassle out of your shopping trip. Lets start from the "top". First off there is a strap on the main bag that hooks to your shopping cart so you don't have to take up any space inside your basket. Now the inside of the bag system is awesome. Each bag rolls up and fits into the 6 space bottle bag. You get 6 regular shopping bags, one 6 space bottle bag and one cooler bag that also fits inside the bottle bag. The bags are all made from great quality materials. This is a bag system I will be using for every shopping trip.

*I received this product in exchange for y 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER with 6 grocery bags, 2 produce bags, 1 freezer bag and a 6 bottle wine tote
  • GET NOTICED with a beautiful stylish design made of durable non woven polypropylene matte laminate that is EASY TO CLEAN with a wet cloth!
  • ELIMINATE THE CLUTTER of ugly shopping bags scattered around your house and trunk with a compact, all-in-one shopping organizer
  • EASY TO REMEMBER...a fashion accessory that will become your habit of necessity
  • NO RISK because you're protected by a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee!

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