Gluten Free Totchos!

First off these things were awesome! These are my gluten free, dairy free and nut free bacon wrapped steak totchos. Here's how the yumminess was made. 


3 cups Ore-Ida mini tater tots
6 slices of bacon 
1 cup Daiya cheddar style shreds
1/2 cup soy milk
1 can sliced olives 
1 tomato 
1 cup shredded lettuce 
1/2 pound of steak 
1/4 cup green onions
salt to taste
Olive Oil

Dairy Free Sour Cream:

1 package firm tofu (drain the water from the package but don't press out the water)
1 Table Spoon Apple Cider Vinegar 
2 Table Spoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon garlic (optional)
salt to taste


Wash your steak off. Sprinkle with salt and olive oil. Set aside. Cut bacon into 1.5 inch strips. Wrap tater tots in bacon (i wrapped 2 mini tots in one piece of bacon). Stick them in a cast iron skillet on 400 degrees and let them bake until the bacon is crispy.

Cut steak into strips and place into hot skillet on top of the stove. Cook to your desired wellness. Set aside.

 In a sauce pan combine your cheddar shreds and soy milk. Heat on medium. Stir constantly until combined and creamy.

Chop olives , tomatoes and lettuce into small pieces. 

Sour Cream: 

Place tofu, apple cider vinegar and  lemon juice into blender and blend until smooth. Taste. Add salt until you get your desired flavor. 

Top bacon wrapped tater tots with , cheese sauce, steak, lettuce, tomatoes, olive and sour cream. Cute green onions with kitchen scissors over the top and serve!

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