100% Savings...Couponing!

Just like many of you I'm always on the look out for a good deal. Being a single mom budget is always important. Since my tiny human has so many allergies I have to purchase many specialty foods. Of course most specialty foods are a bit on the costly side so I try to save whenever possible. Yesterday I went on a 100% savings shopping trip. Actually two shopping trips. I emailed some of Kennady's favorite food companies asking if they ever offered coupons to single parents or parents of kids with allergies. Much to my surprise the companies sent coupons and lots of them. I shopped around and checked sales ads until I found the items I was looking for on sale. I took my coupons to Whole Foods and got to shopping. After my manufacturer coupons every item pictured below was 100% FREE!!! I did have to go to Vons to find the FLIPZ pretzels. Those (the FLIPZ) coupons came from a product testing mission I was given. The moral of this post is ask for coupons from your favorite brands. The worst they can say is no. Happy Shopping! 


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