I was going to write this deeply thought out post reflecting on 2015 but eh why? It's over. lol So instead I'll say Here's to an amazing 2016 for everyone!

I have made your typical weight loss New Years resolution of course BUT I am going to work my ass off this year. I lost 80 pounds before I got pregnant with Kennady and damnit I can do it again. I also want to be the best other I can possibly be. THAT one is of the utmost importance to me. I want to be more thoughtful towards people and more patient with my family. My family wont be around forever and I cherish them and everything they do so much. I just need to show it more. I need cut the negative out of my life (and my social media life). I want to try to judge less. I've found tho when I judge someone it's because I care and only want what's best for them BUT I have to remember what I feel is best and what they feel is best normally aren't the same thing. Like I don't think you should ever stay with a man who abuses you (even verbally) and you sure as hell should never have your child around. I have friends and their families who strongly disagree with this especially if the man is the one paying the bills and the women doesn't want to work. Ok That sounded "judgey" I know I just have strong feelings on kids being around abuse. My feelings come from a place of love BUT I will try to stop having them. Which in many cases means I will have to learn how not to care. 

For New Years Eve I took the princess to her first "Noon Years Eve" toddler party. She had sooooo much fun and I had fun being there with her and being part of it. Then we shopped with grandma and came home. Oh Oh Oh we got 29 cent Christmas lights for next year at Walmart. YAY 75% off sale. I also got a few more ornamnts for the mini trees in Kennady's bedroom and in her playroom. Can't beat 49 cents! 

Ok Now this post is going all over the place which means I should take myself to bed. 

May your 2016 be blessed!

Love Kennady and Inza

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