Burlington Coat Factory Coat Haul!

I'm always on the look out for a good deal. Well my tiny princess needed winter coats and I couldn't justify paying a crazy amount of money so to the internet I came. I don't much like the quality of the coats I saw at Walmart (no offense to anyone who buys Walmart coats. I shop at the Wally World!  ) so I went looking for something else. I wanted cute and colorful or at least cute and black. I went to the Burlington Coat Factory website and found one adorable coat in two different colors. Of course I bought them both. Here's the best part.... they were only $9.99 each. They were on clearance!! So the princess got two coats fr what I was looking to spend on one. They are high quality puffer coats. Of course we don't wear them while in her car seat but still you get the drift. She loves her coats and I love the deal I got! A win win for everyone. 

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