Angel Baby Toddler Pillow Gel Mat REVIEW

This has been an awesome addition to my daughter's "sick care". KC has been sick for a couple days. I pulled out her gel mat and let her sleep on it. It helped with her fever so much. It's super easy to use. It's literally a pillow with cooling gel inside. The gel inside the pillow is very secure.It will not come out with regular use. I would say do NOT allow your child to jump on the mat. That act could pop it. It comes with a pillow case that is easily washable. I've washed it a few times over thee last couple of weeks and it has come out of the washer perfect. I even used this as a stroller pillow while waiting at the doctor and it kept KC very comfortable while we waited. Even her doctor was impressed with her new pillow. If you live somewhere it gets hot or your child has ever been sick or might get sick I highly recommend this pillow.

* I received this pillow in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company has to say about their product:

  • ✓ REDUCES CHILD FEVERS: When your child suffers from a fever, you're often limited to cool baths or yucky medicine. But thanks to the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat, you can control or reduce their fevers and get them feeling better in no time.
    ✓ SOFT & SOOTHING: Made of a premium cotton-blend, our pillow gel mat caresses your child's head and neck to make them feel cool, comfortable and relaxed.
    ✓ CONTOURS TO FIT THEIR PILLOW: Flexible, soft and form-fitting, our pillow gel mat can be used inside their pillowcase or on top of their pillow. What's more, it will embrace their head and neck to give them full, comfortable support.
    ✓ NO WATER, NO LEAKING: We understand that children have a habit of tossing and turning, especially if they don't feel well. That's why our cooling pillow mat doesn't need to be filled with water, won't leak, and is extremely durable.
    ✓ EXTRA COOLING FEATURE: Whether it's a hot day or a hot temperature, you can cool our gel mat down even further by putting it in the refrigerator! This will enhance the cooling properties even more and make it last even longer.

Reduce your child's fever or sunburn pain with a premium cooling gel mat from Frosty. 

When your child suffers from a fever, you'd do anything to make them feel more comfortable until they feel better. And while medicine takes time to work, there's something you can do to have a more immediate impact that also lets them rest in the process-give them the cooling power of the Frosty Pillow Gel Mat. 

Designed to slip inside their pillowcase or rest on top, our super soft, flexible gel mat offers them all the comforts of their pillow, while reducing their fevers, night sweats, or headaches. Not only that, but it starts to immediately bring down their temperature until the medicine can catch up in their system. 

If you're looking to give your child a more comfortable night's sleep so they can start to feel better, then get them a Frosty Pillow Gel Mat and see what a difference it makes in getting them back on their feet. 

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