iphone 6s/6 Protect case REVIEW

I really wanted to like this case. It's cute and adds a bit of color to your phone but if you are looking for something to really protect your high priced Iphone this really isn't it. The plastic is very thin and flimsy. If you're hard on your phone this isn't for you. I can however say the front screen cover is a good thick quality material. The screen protector will defiantly protect your screen.

 *I received this case in exchange for my 100% honest opinion *

Here's what the company says about their product:

iPhone 6s Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 6s (2015) / iPhone 6 (2014)
Two-piece case consists of a clear flexible Aluminum shell and a Clear Acrylic Back Panel(Two Layers Of Thin Film)
Inner dot pattern prevents bubbled smudges on back of phone

Clear Acrylic case and Aluminum Protective Bumper offer grip and a slim profile 
0.59 inches, 0.31 inches, 0.39 inche

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