My little princess is going to be a gymnast! OK maybe not tomorrow but hey! She started back to gymnastics this week and is loving it. I'm hoping it will teach her structure and socialization. The class is an hour long which at first I thought was a long time but the way the class is structured Kennady never wants to leave. Which can be a good and bad thing lol  The class starts out with on the floor stretching. Then  the teacher sets up sort of an obstacle course where the kids can go from the floor mats, to trampoline, to rings,  to tunnel crawl, to the beam,  the bar and then lastly to the rings. In between all of those there is also a ball pit which Kennady LOVES.  Her teacher told me this week that she started gymnastics at the same age as Kennady did so that was kind of encouraging. I'm not saying she's going to the Olympics but hey maybe she'll make some tiny human friends and have some fun.

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